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Turbocharge Your Innovation Project with Lean Startup

Steven Snyder

To win in an ever-increasing competitive world requires a unique approach to accelerating innovation and catalyzing discovery –
this is it….

Over the past several decades, lean management techniques such as value stream mapping and root cause analysis have yielded untold billions of dollars of savings, helping businesses run more smoothly and efficiently. Still, these approaches center mainly on optimizing existing operations and provide little guidance for those who wish to introduce radical innovation in their organizations, like introducing a new product line or entering a new market.

Fortunately, a new set of tools—inspired by lean principles—are emerging to help organizations grapple with this messy and unpredictable world. This new approach, called Lean Startup (or Lean LaunchPad), emanated as a tool to help budding entrepreneurs, but is increasingly being tapped by forward-thinking organizations who aspire to increase revenue and profit through breakthrough innovation.

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