Our Team

Cino Adelson

Cino AdelsonCino Adelson has provided development services to innovative organizations for over 25 years, creating crucial conversations resulting in bold thinking, actions, and long-term results for her clients. She focuses on collaboratively helping leaders cause transformation within their organizations and uses proven methodologies to help them achieve their goals.

As an executive coach and organization development consultant, Adelson has worked across North America in many different industries and sectors, including technology, product development, nonprofit, professional services, law, advertising, architecture, engineering, consulting, construction, pharmaceuticals, healthcare, technology, medical devices, manufacturing, government, higher education, R&D, design, and consumer foods.

Her leadership as the founder and CEO of Cinovations, a consulting firm dedicated to facilitating individual, team and organization transformation, brings real-world experience to Snyder Leadership Group.

Adelson is a past board member and active member of the Minnesota Organization Development Network, American Society of Training and Development, and the Minnesota Facilitators Network. She has served as a board member of many nonprofit and educational institutions in the past twenty years, and she has published several articles in professional newsletters.

She holds an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree in Education Psychology from the University of Minnesota where she studied high-performing organizations. World travel, including 18 months in Israel, continues to shape her global view.  And walking marathons for the past ten years has kept her body and mind fit.