PivotPoint Development™

PivotPoint Development™ is a radically new strategy for accelerating leadership development based on proven research from Leadership and the Art of Struggle.

Research shows that challenging and difficult experiences are the times leaders can grow the most. PivotPoint Development™ focuses attention on three pivot points which help leaders get the most of their challenging experiences.

The three pivot points occur when leaders:

  • Prepare for challenging assignments.
  • Are immersed and overwhelmed by challenging circumstances.
  • Complete the assignment. 

Each pivot point comes with a unique set of opportunities to accelerate leadership development. For example, as leaders prepare for challenging assignments, the focus is on providing the basic toolset and vocabulary to engage with the proper mindset. As leaders become immersed in the challenging assignment, the developmental focus shifts to make sense and navigate through a world that appears chaotic and possibly overwhelming.  When leaders complete the assignment, the attention centers on reflection, synthesis and crystallization—leaving leaders poised for future growth.

Every implementation of PivotPoint Development™ is uniquely tailored to your organizational needs.  We begin by conducting a workshop for HR leaders to share the concepts of the book and build a roadmap for integration within your organization’s leadership development program.

Often improvements can be made through minor and nuanced changes in existing training and coaching programs.  For example, minor tweaks in a high potential program can offer significant return on investment.

To begin the implementation of PivotPoint Development™, we conduct a workshop with key human resources leaders to share the concepts from the book in order to integrate them with the organization’s leadership development strategies.

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