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I am honored that you want to be a part of the launch for Leadership and the Art of Struggle, and to say thank you, my team and I have created resources to make sharing about the book, as simple as possible.

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  • (Tweet) Everyone is at their own unique stage in the #leadership continuum & in their mastery of the #ArtofStruggle.
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  • (Tweet) The more self-aware you are the more capable you will be of adaptively channeling your behavior @Steven_J_Snyder
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  • The best leaders learn to sidestep unrealistic expectations by accepting who they are today and continually strive to be better tomorrow. To help you in your leadership journey, pick up a copy of “Leadership and the Art of Struggle” by Steven Snyder – available on Amazon.
  • In “Leadership and the Art of Struggle” (available on Amazon:, author Steven Snyder says, “Struggle is a natural part of leadership. It is often the struggle itself that unlocks the potential for greatest growth.”
  • “Instead of denying the struggle or feeling diminished by it, the best leaders learn to embrace it as an art to be mastered.” Something to think about from the new book by Steven Snyder, “Leadership and the Art of Struggle” – available on Amazon.
  • Have your ordered your copy of Steven Snyder’s new book? “Leadership and the Art of Struggle” is now available on Amazon – buy it today!

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About Steven Snyder: 

Steven SnyderSteven Snyder, Ph.D., is the founder of the Snyder Leadership Group, an organizational consulting firm. An innovator in thought leadership, Snyder has developed the breakthrough concepts introduced in Leadership and the Art of Struggle, based on years of leadership studies, intensive research, and data derived from extensive interviews with real-world executives from major corporations. He currently lives with his family in the Minneapolis area, where he remains actively engaged in philanthropy and community service.