Executive Coaching

“Steven Snyder is a gifted leader. He knows how to build a high-performing leadership team.”
Michael Gorman, Managing Director, Split Rock Partners

“Steven Snyder is a skilled executive coach. I appreciate his ability to assess and develop executive talent.”
Dave Pylipow, Executive Vice President, HR and Corporate Communications, SUPERVALU, Inc.

Apply proven leadership practices to amplify your leadership talents.

Accelerate your executive performance. Snyder Leadership Group can help identify those key skills that ignite or stifle productivity by tapping the proven leadership practices of founder Steven Snyder, Ph.D.

Snyder’s coaching insights are grounded in extensive business experience, including working extensively with Bill Gates and leading a public company as CEO. In addition, his scholarship in the areas of leadership, psychology, and human resources, and his breakthrough concepts in the forthcoming book, Leadership and the Art of Struggle, provide a solid foundation for structuring a coaching program that is uniquely tailored to your needs.

What can you expect from your coaching sessions?

Snyder Leadership Group works with you to examine your leadership from a fundamentally new perspective, breaking from the status quo and its comfortable predictability. Identify habits that are no longer working for you and form new habits that are more aligned with your leadership vision. Together, we explore the underlying purpose of your leadership and use this analysis to chart a new direction that embodies your passions and your dreams.

From this proven process, you emerge with a fresh outlook. Things that you previously saw as constraints now morph into pragmatic strategies for achieving your goals. Feel more effective and confident as a leader and become more grounded as a human being.

Talk to Snyder Leadership Group to learn more about taking your leadership to the next level.