Innovation Coaching

“Steven Snyder is a truly insightful coach and a trusted advisor. He helped us hone and clarify our business model, guiding us through the uncharted and choppy waters of life sciences innovation. His intuitive grasp of complex and technical material is amazing.”
Ping Yeh, CEO, Stemonix

Accelerate innovation and discovery in your organization 

We are in an era of ever-increasing competition and technology that changes at speeds unimaginable a few years ago. Winning in this environment requires a unique approach to accelerating innovation, catalyzing discovery, and tapping emerging opportunities. 

Steven Snyder brings just such an approach to his innovation coaching services. Drawing from “lean” and “agile” principles, his methodology offers a dynamic vehicle to rapidly discern customer needs, clarify market segments, and crystallize key elements of the customer value proposition. 

Let Snyder guide your company through a process specifically adapted to support your objectives and aligned with company strategy. You will learn how innovation can be harnessed – not just as an isolated creative event – but as a holistic and comprehensive way of charting the future strategic direction of your company. 

Snyder brings a rich history of strategic thinking and groundbreaking innovation. In his work during the early years of Microsoft, Snyder’s award-winning team blazed new trails of technology innovation.   

Later, as the co-founder and CEO of Net Perceptions, Snyder introduced the recommendation engine into the e-commerce marketplace, enabling the real-time personalized recommendations that have become central to the online shopping experience. The company’s first customer? 

Unleashing the creative potential of your organization

Steven Snyder can guide you every step of the way, whether in a pure coaching/advising role, as a player/coach, or even as a project leader, helping you take your innovation project to the next level.  

You’ll start by boldly envisioning future possibilities using a proven methodology called the Lean LaunchPad. Snyder will help you formulate the customer value proposition, and test it through a dynamic process of customer discovery. Ultimately you will consider all nine essential elements of the Business Model Canvas, giving you a powerful roadmap to realize your business vision.     

At the end of this journey, you will be amazed at the progress. You’ll marvel at how much time and money was saved by quickly pruning unproductive paths, refocusing efforts on those unexpected nuggets gleaned from the process, and be on your way to launching “new.” 

Do you need radical innovation in your company? Want to introduce a fresh product line? Enter a new market? Make a bold move? 

If your company wants to increase revenue and profit through breakthrough innovation, contact Steven Snyder today to learn how you can bring this exciting process to your organization.