Steven Snyder, an early leader of Microsoft who worked closely with Bill Gates, is a recognized thought leader and visionary. His breakthrough book, Leadership and the Art of Struggle, has been called the “must-read leadership book of the year.” To request an interview with Steven Snyder, please contact:

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Reviews and Press Appearances


May 21, 2014

"Leadership and the Art of Struggle" has been honored as a finalist in the Business: Management & Leadership category of the 2014 International Book Awards.


March 27, 2013

Roger Dean Duncan and Steven Snyder discuss how challenge and adversity can actually help a career.


December 25, 2013

With every episode of struggle, there is a learning opportunity. Steven Snyder offers insights as how we should accept and reconcile the struggles we experience.

Wealth Management

December 2, 2013

Leadership and the Art of Struggle tops Wealth Management's list of the Ten Best Business Books for 2013.


December 5, 2013

Our concept of leadership is fundamentally flawed, says author and organizational consultant Steven Snyder. "There is myth... that it's possible to be a perfect leader."

HBR logo

November 6, 2013

In an attempt to better understand the struggle-recovery process, Steven Snyder spoke with extraordinary leaders across sectors and industries, all of whom had faced an array of challenges, setbacks, and adversity.

Bloomberg TV Logo

June 26, 2013

Steven Snyder, author of "Leadership and the Art of Struggle," and founder of Snyder Leadership Group, offers up suggestions for Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer.

Washington Post

May 23, 2013

Given the difficult times facing many federal leaders, there is a new book that focuses on resilience—Leadership and the Art of Struggle: How Great Leaders Grow Through Challenge and Adversity by former Microsoft executive Steven Snyder.

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May 24, 2013

Steven Snyder, founder at Snyder Leadership Group, discusses Microsoft management and what CEO Steve Ballmer is focused on in leading the company.


April 3, 2013

Leaders often ignore many of the avenues that can set the stage for a collaborative solution.

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March 4, 2013

Years of research into the topic indicates that struggle is actually essential for career advancement.

chief executive 2

June 12, 2013

Struggle in business is inevitable. But by acknowledging mistakes and acting swiftly to remedy the situation, executives have the opportunity to turn a major crisis into an even bigger opportunity.


March 5, 2013

Ron Johnson's ...strategy at JCP must be unlike anything he has done before.


January 25, 2013

By advancing a culture where others were inspired to fully engage in the building effort, Jobs made a crucial transformation...

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September 4, 2013

I talked to Steven Snyder, the founder of the organizational development firm Snyder Leadership Group and author of "Leadership and the Art of Struggle," about the benefits of unintentional--and intentional --adversity.

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August 6, 2013

“The more diverse the group, the better ideas that will come out of it.” says Steven Snyder, a former Microsoft executive turned workplace conflict expert.

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March 29, 2013

As Steven Snyder explains [...], the real secret of success resides in people’s mind-set.


March 5, 2013

Great leaders often separate themselves from the pack because they continually work on improving themselves and those under them.

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March 4, 2013

Steven Snyder understands that the most insightful and self aware leaders realize that leadership is a struggle...

Korn Ferry

March 5, 2013

With rapid advances in technology and the instantaneous results of a leader's action, the struggle has seemingly increased at the top of organizations.


January 13, 2013

"A work of art" -- Ken Shelton, Editor of Leadership Excellence.

realizing leadership

September 1, 2013

It’s practical, you can use it and reflect on it too. I also found when I was reading the book I actually had to put it down because I had to think about it before I keep going. I enjoyed it tremendously.

star tribune logo

May 2, 2013

Snyder isn't arguing simply that leaders are human and make mistakes, but that what they do next can define good leadership. For some, it’s a reinvention. For others, it’s the ability to creatively overcome a constraint.


April 5, 2013

And yet, the art of struggle lies not in achievements but in the ripples from the journey and how we’ve grown along the way—the lives we’ve touched, the kindness we’ve shown, the ways we’ve brought to life our most important values


March 15, 2013

Self-doubt can be especially paralyzing for leaders who buy into the cultural myth of the perfect leader.

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February 27, 2013

We don't talk about struggle enough - we deny it and treat it as a taboo topic. That forces people to become embarrassed about it.


March 24, 2013

Snyder’s book makes a significant contribution to realizing that struggles and failures make the best leaders.

Bill George

February 27, 2013

Leadership and the Art of Struggle provides you the opportunity to learn from Steven Snyder’s remarkable wisdom and the experiences of his interviewees.

Rob Nyhuis

June 24, 2013

Steven Snyder’s successful book Leadership and the Art of Struggle offers some great insights into just how good leaders grow through challenge and adversity.


March 15, 2013

In my own life I know that I have learned more from failure and struggle than I ever did from success and ease.


March 3, 2013

This is a book written by a knowledgeable and very experienced guy about this interesting premise.


March 15, 2013

In this terrific book, Steve has shared a wealth of knowledge that he gathered, specially during his association as an early leader at Microsoft.


March 12, 2013

Snyder has written an outstanding and practical book to help us to rethink the challenges and problems we face along the way. One of the best you’ll ever read on the topic.

Portland Book Review

April 16, 2013

Often leaders are expected to have all the answers, but Steven Snyder contends that not having all the answers helps leaders grow.

Whitney Johnson

March 12, 2013

When in the midst of a struggle, emotions can overwhelm rationality. It’s a leader’s job to make some semblance of sense out of chaos.

Jon Mertz

February 28, 2013

Steven Snyder wrote a solid leadership book on something everyone deals with but not many write about.

GLS Mark Miller

March 11, 2013

We only learn from the storms we survive. So, if you find yourself in a storm – and you will – hang on and learn all you can from the experience.


March 11, 2013

If you are looking for a fresh leadership read, I recommend Leadership and the Art of Struggle.

Dan Rockwell

March 12, 2013

Your struggle gives others permission and courage to grow.


March 11, 2013

Steven Snyder puts the insights and tools you need in a handy package.


March 13, 2013

My key take away: The right pressures in the right combinations create positive Flow.


March 13, 2013

Leadership and the Art of Struggle is different and welcome. [...] the topic is fresh and relevant.

Andy Uskavitch

March 12, 2013

In Steven Snyder’s new book, Leadership and the Art of Struggle, he gives you the insights you need to transform your leadership pitfalls into opportunities.


March 12, 2013

Snyder takes aim directly at the myth of failure and struggle as negative aspects of the leadership experience.


January 7, 2013

"This is a practical, thoughtful guide to creating sanity, as well as "purpose and meaning" within leadership."


January 1, 2013

"[T]his book is an excellent approach to developing individuals for leader roles."